Tough Mudder… Ready?

6 Apr
It’s 4:40pm and I’m sitting on the train heading back to PW. I have just sprinted from 27th and 5th to Penn station in ballet flats carrying a 15 lb pocketbook on one arm and my Lululemon bag holding my 6 inch Camuto heels in the other hand. What would have made this story more impressive is if I sprinted to Penn in the 6 inch heels.  However,  I made it in a record 9.75 minutes and was even able to toss $2.10 to the Hudson News lady behind the counter while grabbing a water on fly.  I am now sitting down and have little sweat beads dripping down my…..
That being said, earlier this morning, I mentioned to my girlfriend that we should seriously consider doing the Tough Mudder coming up in early May in VT.  If you don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, check it out.  My sprint to Penn gave me the motivation I needed to get my training started.  Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to run 3 miles on an incline at the gym in the morning and see how I feel afterwards.  I’m also going to see if they will let me carry a 20 lb log into the building so I can see if I can run uphill with it while ducking under live wires of 10k volts, swinging from greased monkey bars over freezing cold water, scale a 12 ft wall covered in mud and run through fire.  In hindsight, I may have been suffering from Sleep Deprivation when I made the call to partake on this adventure this morning.  Of course in my friends finest hour of ‘I’m a competitive psychopath and there is no way Hayley is doing this while I stay on the sidelines’, she decided to email her sisters and talk them into doing it as well.  Great. With my psycho-competitive nature, there’s no backing out now….. and now that all of you have read it, ugh, now what…WTHayley
(post some comments if you think we should go for it…. maybe we’ll name our team ‘WTHayley’)

2 Responses to “Tough Mudder… Ready?”

  1. Dan April 6, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    Go for it.. “tough” it out!

  2. Jana McDonough April 18, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Why not?? What do you have to lose?.. except maybe a few limbs..:)

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