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WT Hope

13 Aug
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At all stages of life, we have goals and dreams and desires.  But not everyone has Hope.  Some people have it and then lose it.  And sometimes, just when you think you’ve lost Hope, there she is, the top of her head cresting over the horizon and she comes into view again, determined, placing one foot in front of the other and pushing forward to reach new limits she never thought possible.

Sometimes, it’s not Hope alone that can get you to where you want to be, sometimes it takes a village or a team to help push you and motivate you and give you something to strive for.

And when Hope transforms into a tangible and successful outcome, you can look back on the experience and realize that without Hope, you may not have seen things so clearly or even pushed yourself as hard as you did just because Hope was by your side.

This weekend, I had the support of an amazing team and that team had Hope.  We worked together, pushed each other mentally and physically and psyched each other up to get to the end of our 10 mile journey together.  It was an amazing ride but not a minute of it would have been the same if it weren’t for Hope.  I feel privileged and so very thankful to have you in my life.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 11.49.18 PM

WT High Altitude

31 Jul


Less than two weeks to go until Tough Mudder New England.  I kicked my training up a notch this weekend with some ‘high altitude’ workouts in the Colorado Rockies with a fellow TM Teammate.

I talked a big game before the weekend telling him that I’m excited for hiking and work outs galore while I’m in town.  In hindsight, training at higher altitudes is a huge advantage over my sea level lungs.  Although I was sucking wind and hugging trees on the way up the Ute Trail, I still managed to make the trek up to the top of Aspen Mtn in just over 2 hours.  Thankfully the Gondola was still running to take us back down to the bottom (during each I booked my deep tissue massage for the very next day).  Shockingly, I wasn’t as sore as I though I’d be and attribute it to the massive amounts of Stair Treadmill hours that I log each week at the gym.   The following day prior to the massage, I climbed the stairs for 20, ran at intervals for 20, lifted and did 100 crunches.  My last day we hiked the Ute trail again shaving at least 5 minutes off our time from the hike two days earlier.  It was still an ass-kicker but felt great.  (Pic is of me at the top…. still smiling)

The weekend wasn’t all about working out though.  As you’re probably aware from previous posts, I’ve been on quite the health kick the last few months.   I haven’t had a piece of meat or chicken in 4 weeks, pretty much stopped having dairy (an occasional pat of butter or weekend cone at Marvel but whose counting) and have been pounding veggies and fruits along with fish, good carbs and natural fats.  However, I am not one to deprive myself and if you know me, you know that 5pm on weekends (7pm on some week nights) is cocktail time and if it’s chocolate and in my face, chances are I’m gonna eat it.   This weekend was filled with lots of naughty pleasures – i’ll just fill you in on the oral pleasures (actually that doesn’t sound right either) – wine, mojitos, squid ink pasta, fried calamari, rock shrimp tempura, a nutella and banana crepe, a hot dog (I only took a tiny bite) and certainly one of my favorites…. BACON (which in my humble opinion should be its own special food group).   And I enjoyed every moment of my gluttonous indulgences.   From now until the big day, I’ll be cutting back (notice I didn’t say ‘out’) on the bad stuff and pushing the limits on my workouts.

So while some of you may think I’ve lost my mind and transformed into a health freak, my philosophy is this….. If your foundation is rooted in a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising, then go ahead and indulge when that sweet treat or sugary cocktail calls your name and by all means….. enjoy it…. you deserve it.


WTHealthy Hump Day Recipe

11 Jul

I realize it’s the day after hump day but my hump day sucked.  So here it is the day after.

Today’s recipe:
Lotta Legs Coconut Mango Shrimp over Quinoa served with lightly cooked veggie

Serving size per person:
6 shrimp (45 calories)
1/2 cup cooked quinoa (111 calories)
2 cups of veggies (109 calories/broccoli)
1/2 mango (62 calories)
1 tblsp Coconut oil (120 calories)
(Personal Pref: Add a few sprigs of Cilantro for that clean yummy taste)

I only had time for a quick workout tonight but needed to get in a few extra leg exercises (Lots of hill to conquer at Mt. Snow in exactly 30 days) today so I mixed in my workout while prepping and cooking my dinner.

Buy the frozen shrimp at the supermarket that are already cleaned, deveined and shelled… that means they have no shell on (in case this is confusing to some of you). However you may want to make sure your shrimp are from a good source.  I attached a video to the end of this post which is sure to freak you out about things you eat.

Defrost shrimp under cold running water for 10 min.  I realize this is a waste of water but this is a healthy blog, not an environmental one.  In the spirit of my tree hugging friends, please be sure to recycle, reuse and reduce. :). If you have an hour before you cook, take a whole lemon and squeeze over defrosted shrimp and place in the fridge for an hour.  If you don’t have the hour to let them sit, you can squeeze the lemon over the shrimp while cooking.

Cook one cup of quinoa according to packaging. (Do 3 sets of 10 lunges on each leg while standing at the stove) *FunFact: Quinoa has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition.  This type of complete protein is usually found in meats (so skip the meat and eat this treat instead).  It also offers a good dose of fiber and iron.

Cut up one whole mango.  If you are only cooking for yourself, you should only eat half the mango.  (Do 2 sets of 20 squats between slicing)
*FunFact:   Fresh fruit offers so much more than the natural sugar it contains – including water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients (those naturally-occurring plant compounds that have wide ranging beneficial effects on the body).
I found an amazing sauce that I love which has a ‘B’ rating on the Fooducate App. HH561399-2

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and melt in a frying pan. (10 squats while melting) Toss in the shrimp and turn to coat with oil.  (Do 10 lunges on each side while browning) Flip when slightly brown and do the same on the other side.  *FunFacts: Coconut Oil is a short and medium chain fatty acid which have many health benefits and also help in taking off excessive weight, since they are easily digested and sent right to the liver for instant energy production(increases your metabolism)  You know that extra weight around your midsection??? Coconut oil helps get rid of that.  Coconut Oil has tons of other benefits:  Skin Care, Weight Loss, Immunity, Digestion, Healing and Infections.  

When shrimp are almost done, toss in the mango and squeeze lemon juice over the pan or pour in juice they were marinating in. (10 squats)

Great veggie to eat on the side: Bok Choy, shelled edamame, broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas.  Any can be lightly steamed or very lightly sautéed in half a tablespoon of a high heat oil such as sunflower or grapeseed.  Keep veggies bright green to maintain highest levels of nutrients. Lightly salt and pepper.  I don’t add salt unless its sea salt – Himalayan from Trader Joes is awesome. (10 squats and 10 lunges on each leg while veggies are cooking)  *FunFact: The more nutrient-dense food you consume(aka VEGGIES), the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories, and the less you will crave fat and high-calorie foods. 

Add veggie and shrimp and serve over quinoa. Pour one tablespoon of Mango sauce on top or use on the side for dipping sauce for shrimp.

Prep: 10-15 min
Cooking time: 10-15 min.

Lunges: 50
Squats: 50

Calories Consumed (who cares, you’ve earned it)

Stretch Your Legs and Enjoy.

— WTHayley


Here’s the video I mentioned…. GROSS.


8 Jul

So, I’m on a major health/workout kick with one month to go until this summers Tough Mudder on August 10th.  Aside from having to get into shape that so I don’t die during the event, I was also inspired by my brother…a real life case study to curing a health problem just by eating better.

Case Study:  Back in May, my brother went to the doctor and discovered that for the first time in his life, at 43 years old, he had high blood pressure (155/85).  Growing up with a British mother, meat and potatoes were a staple at our dinner table and no meal was complete without finishing off with something sweet.  Rather than going on some blood pressure medicine, he decided to take the natural approach to finding a cure.  He went to a holistic doctor who recommended a few vitamins and supplements along with recommending ‘Eat to Live’ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and the must-see documentary ‘Fork Over Knives’.  Along with intense exercise (Beachbody’s Insanity workout with Sean T) and a completely new outlook on food and consumption, over a 5-8 week period, he brought his blood pressure down to 120/70 and dropped about 16 pounds. (I’d post the before and after pics but he’d never speak to me ever again – however, I can be bought for the right price :-)).

Along with my brother, I too read the book and watched the movie and it has changed my life, for the better.  Our nation is literally killing itself, along with our children.  Our food pyramid couldn’t be more f’ed up.  Both the movie and the book is not meant to brainwash you but to help you understand that our own government (basically the FDA) has fooled us into the way so many of us think about the food we eat.   Over the last few weeks, I have been posting on my FB page, excerpts from the book that I find to be mind blowing and decided that I should just use my blog for the benefit of my friends and fans.    So if you follow along, I’ll be educating and sharing some amazing healthy and delicious recipes that you are sure to love.

Fascinating Fact from Eat to Live:
“Converting food fat into body fat is easy; the process doesn’t even modify the molecules. Research scientists can actually take fat biopsies off your hips or waist and tell you where it came from—pig fat, dairy fat, chicken fat, or olive oil. The fat is still the same as it was on your plate, but now it is under your skin. The saying “from your lips to your hips” is literally true.” 

Black Bean, Mango, Corn, Avocado Salad

  • 2 ripe but firm avocados, halved, peeled and cubed
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice, divided
  • 2 ripe but firm mangoes, peeled and cubed
  • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 (15 ounce) can no-salt-added Organic black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 Stalk of Corn – Roast on the grill or Microwave and remove from stalk (or don’t use corn at all)

Add it all together in a bowl and mix.  This recipe is amazing over grilled shrimp or any kind of fish.  Want a kick?  Add a diced Jalapeno.

*Photo courtesy of WholeFoods


WT Hangover

19 Mar


(Please note that this was written on January 1, 2013 and I guess I was too hungover to remember to post)  Enjoy.

For starters, THANK YOU to my followers that have been reading, commenting and following my blog for the last 10 months.  I love writing and there is nothing more motivating that having people send me emails or make comments on my blog saying how much they enjoy it…. so Thank You.  I hope to continue to entertain, educate and inspire in 2013.

I’m happy to say that today was spent without a hangover.  Not sure how… might have been the massive amount of food I consumed over the course of the afternoon and evening and the endless glasses of water I made sure to keep drinking.  I also knew to cut myself off after the 8th visit from my children that were meant to be sleeping long before midnight.  What happens to us in those times where we end up spending the ‘day after’ in misery, hating ourselves for the incessant pounding in our heads, the spins, the nausea, the shakes…  Are we just not cognizant of our own limits?  The sheer lack of utterance of the words No Thanks when your friend offers to buy you another at an ungodly hour of the night when you know you should be getting home to bed?  Or is it just plain stupidity?

A few weeks ago we had our office holiday party at a place where you break up into teams and face off against each other in a kitchen cook off – sort of like Chopped or Top Chef.  One of the best part of the night was outstanding service and most importantly, that the wine was an endless pour.  At no point over the course of 5 hours was my glass ever half full(you can tell it’s new years… i’m still in positive mode with the half full instead of half empty comment).  While there was plenty to eat, I didn’t realize quite how much I had drank until I left the building and walked into Penn station, or should I say stumbled.   I made sure to purchase a bottle of water before boarding my train, found a quiet seat in an over illuminated train car and settled in.  It wasn’t long before we were on the go and I began to feel the effects.  The car was moving, not just toward home but in every direction.  I was not happy.  I don’t think I’ve had the spins since my 20’s and at 40, they still SUCK.  I managed to make it home and get into bed without throwing up.  However, while cleaning out my bag today in preparation for heading back to work tomorrow (always nice to start the year with a clean bag), I found an envelope with scribble unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  It took me some time to realize that I had written this on my way home that night (I guess I was trying to take my mind off of the alcohol induced spins).  Fairly impressed with my rhyming skills while completely inebriated, I felt the need to share:

Being drunk in your 40’s just doesn’t compare
To the times in your life when you just didn’t care
A shot or three once got the night started
My tolerance now seems to have parted.
Once a lover of tequila and gin
Never a dull moment, often verging on sin.
Now a glass or two of wine does me right
I never thought 10pm would be the end of my night.
Still love to dance and get on my groove
But on top of the bar I no longer approve.
Hoping my girls let me get some sleep
I’m feeling like shit and need to count some sheep

I’m almost home and can’t hardly wait
This fucking train ride hasn’t been great.
The squeakiest car I’ve ever heard
The bathroom is close and smells like turd.
A better solution there has got to be
Can’t wait to get home, I really have to pee.

Happy New Year.


A Day of WTHayley

20 Jun


When people say “How was your day?”, do you ever really tell them how your day was or do you just give the typical response of “It was good”? Someone asked me this yesterday and it got me thinking about how my day really was and what it entailed. I then outlined my day in my head and thought I’d share this fun, slightly long, poem with you.

3am I hear a noise
Jack just tripped on all her toys
Getting up to make a pee
Once again, waking me
Back in bed and fall asleep
6am I hear a peep
The 4 yr old is getting up
She wants some milk in her cup
Leave me alone, I still have time
Milky Milky, she starts to wine
I stand my ground and make her wait
6:30 alarm, I can’t be late

Out of bed, shower and dress
Make the bed and clean the mess
Kids are playing, I make their beds
Brushes their teeth and comb their heads
Marley wants to wear a dress
It’s only 62, I try to stress
A dress she wants and starts to mope
I pick my battles to try and cope
Get them dressed and down the stairs
Pick out breakfast, “Get in your chairs”
Cereal for them and Coffee for me
My ride is here, kisses and leave

Get on train with my morning crew
Try to talk about something new
Open ipad, Words with Friends
This fucking game, it never ends
Need new Blog, I start to write
Writers Block, I’ll try tonight

Get to Penn and begin my stroll
Pick up ‘Bucks and Egg on Roll
Get to office, first one there
Eat my food, fix my hair
Check my email, lots of spam
Another client in a Jam
Make some calls and start the day
Check my Facebook, then music I play

Meetings, meetings back to back
Ugh, so glad I packed a snack
Status meeting starts at One
Another meeting, need to run
Tell the staff to do their work
Get on phone and yell at Jerk
3:00 I’m feeling beat
Holy shit, I forgot to eat
Finish work to catch the 5pm
Running late, Rush to Penn
Find a seat and hitch a ride
Home to girls, smiles so wide

Play some games, read some books
Dress up time with fancy looks
Brush their teeth and make them Pee
If not, 3am, Jack i’ll see
Tuck them into their warm beds
Give them kisses on their heads
Read 3 books and still want more
Good night moon or Fancy Nancy’s galore
7:30 – Kids in bed and lights are dim
Change my clothes and head to gym
Treadmill, stairs and lift some weight
Ugh, I’m tired, it’s getting late
Need to hit the Stop and Shop
Out of juice and Ice Pop
9:00 – Make some dinner, clean the dish
No work emails? Yeah right, I wish

Pack kids lunches, shower and shave
Jacks out of bed, she doesn’t behave
Back to compter, make To-Do list
Now Marley’s up, I’m getting pissed
Finally they’re down and out
I’m getting sleepy, and worn out
11:30 – Get in bed for 30 Rock
Don’t forget to set the clock
Head on pillow, hit the hay
And wake tomorrow for another day.


Dirty Girls Finish

8 May

As you may know, this past weekend I attended the Tough Mudder at Mount Snow, VT as a spectator.  Here are some of the things I learned…

Still working on a team name.  Here are some ideas:
Dirty Girls Finish
Slippery When Wet
Muddy Bizatches and Beaus
Filthy Milfs
Dirty Dashing Divas
Muddy Princesses
Dirty Mudder Luvers
Muff Tudders
Mud Queens
No Sissies Here
Muddy Daughters
Schmutz Lovers

Feel free to make recommendations in the comments section below.  No need to keep it clean, we certainly wont.

— WTHayley

Tough Enough???

26 Apr

It’s been almost two weeks since I decided to do the Tough Mudder on May 4/5 in VT.  I screamed out to the world(or at least my small WTH fan base) that I was tough as nails and ready to hit the ground running (literally, I’m not a runner  so this was a big part of the training I knew I’d have to endure).  While I think I’m in pretty decent shape and strong for a woman, I hit a few obstacles in my training and started to come up with a list of why i’m just NOT tough enough for the Tough Mudder:

Should I do it???  Let me know what you think.


Tough Mudder… Ready?

6 Apr
It’s 4:40pm and I’m sitting on the train heading back to PW. I have just sprinted from 27th and 5th to Penn station in ballet flats carrying a 15 lb pocketbook on one arm and my Lululemon bag holding my 6 inch Camuto heels in the other hand. What would have made this story more impressive is if I sprinted to Penn in the 6 inch heels.  However,  I made it in a record 9.75 minutes and was even able to toss $2.10 to the Hudson News lady behind the counter while grabbing a water on fly.  I am now sitting down and have little sweat beads dripping down my…..
That being said, earlier this morning, I mentioned to my girlfriend that we should seriously consider doing the Tough Mudder coming up in early May in VT.  If you don’t know what the Tough Mudder is, check it out.  My sprint to Penn gave me the motivation I needed to get my training started.  Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to run 3 miles on an incline at the gym in the morning and see how I feel afterwards.  I’m also going to see if they will let me carry a 20 lb log into the building so I can see if I can run uphill with it while ducking under live wires of 10k volts, swinging from greased monkey bars over freezing cold water, scale a 12 ft wall covered in mud and run through fire.  In hindsight, I may have been suffering from Sleep Deprivation when I made the call to partake on this adventure this morning.  Of course in my friends finest hour of ‘I’m a competitive psychopath and there is no way Hayley is doing this while I stay on the sidelines’, she decided to email her sisters and talk them into doing it as well.  Great. With my psycho-competitive nature, there’s no backing out now….. and now that all of you have read it, ugh, now what…WTHayley
(post some comments if you think we should go for it…. maybe we’ll name our team ‘WTHayley’)

What The Hayley

22 Mar

Welcome to What The Hayley.  I was sitting in the bathroom at work just now and I decided that I need to start a blog.  Why?  Here are my reasons:

1) I have a lot to say and think people might want to hear it

2) I can be pretty funny sometimes

3) One of my new years resolutions for 2012 is ‘to get published’ and here I am (does this count?)

A little about me that you might want to know….
I am a Mother (of 2 gorgeous little girls).  Grew up on the South Shore of Long Island in a beach town with two older brothers – I think this is where I learned to be a cool chick.  I love anything outdoors – biking, hiking, water sports – but my biggest love in life is Skiing (in Utah).  I love my wine, dancing, partying, fun with friends, great food and amazing desserts(key to heart).  I’ve had my own business for 10 years and we’re still standing strong.  I love what I do and find it challenging every single day.  I’m grounded, have incredible family values and embrace all that life has to offer. (I might throw up on myself now)  Enough…. read my blog and you’ll learn more about me.

Before I forget, my funny story of the day is this….
As I mentioned, I was just in the bathroom – literally 3 minutes ago.  It’s an office bathroom shared by my 12 employees and the legal offices across the hall from us.  Every now and then, I’ll have to go so bad that I can’t be bothered to tear off a few strips of paper to line the seat so I’ll just sit.(i know, gross!!)  Within seconds, I’m usually regretting it when I think of the overweight (i’m being nice since this is my first post) guy across the hall that might have put his ass down moments before me.   Today, when I entered the bathroom my ‘I HAVE TO GO’ index was about a 4, leaving plenty of time to line the seat.  (Tangent: Why the FUCK can’t men put the damn seat down.  Thankful that we only have three in the office but I believe that not one of them ever considers it.  I promise to focus on this in a future blog and even conduct interviews from my small sampling of the male species in my office to find out why).  Back to the point…  So as I was lining the seat, I noticed that in front of the bowl was a small puddle of what I have to assume was someone’s ‘MISS’, leading me to ponder how this happens.  Either your stomach is so fat that you can’t see over it, your penis is so small that you have trouble aiming it or you just don’t give a fuck if you hit or miss.  WTH!