Hiding In My Car

20 Apr

My friends… this shit is hard.  Really really hard.  If you watched on Wednesday when I sat in my car with my laptop and wine and sounded a bit delirious… that was me being delirious….  Feeling delirious at times and happy at other times.  I went to my car to escape everyone in my house, including my kids, and you know what, it’s all fucking good.   Sometimes we just need a place to hide.  And so, I went to my car, with my laptop, my phone and a big ass glass of Prosecco and I had a great 30 minute Facebook Live CoronaTime Talk with my favorite guest… MYSELF. 

I skipped Thursday’s CoronaTime talk because my co-mom, who truly happens to be my saving grace at the moment, needed some 1on1 Fostering time to talk about life.  Priorities. Yes, she’s a priority for me, as weird as that might be to some, I have come to really love, right down to my core, my step-son’s mom.  After all, she gave birth to that little nugget that I sometimes want to kill, but we are more on the same page of parenting than I every imagined.  And she can drink me under the table with her wine consumption, which she proved that night of our talk.

Friday was a long ass day of working with my brother’s company and juggling the KN95 masks that were supposed to already have shipped from China but our friends at Apple are bumping everyone off cargo space for a new product launch.  As if anyone needs a new Apple product right now. Wtf.

My brother’s amazing team was finally able to book the shipping but at twice the price.  Which will lead to another issue to juggle here today – telling people the price has gone up.  All things that are keeping me incredibly busy but I chose this.  I chose to work with him and I and grateful he gave me the opportunity to work with his company that is doing amazing things and in return, it’s helping to support my family as well.

Working and keeping busy is my happy place.  Busy people like to be busy or we lose our minds.  Helping and serving others is what lifts me up, makes me happy, feels good – it’s my natural high.  Throw a few glasses of wine in there and it’s a party!

During this downtime, and I mean down downtime… we are down. We are hearing terrible things day in and day out.  We are stuck at home feeling isolated and many are alone and feeling lonely.  It’s hard.  It’s scary.  It sucks.

It’s so important during this downtime to find the things that make you happy.  Bring you joy.  Bring you peace.  What are those things?   Write them on a sticky note so when you’re feeling crappy, you have something visible to remind you what makes you happy. And then DO THEM in whatever fashion you can.

Here’s my other piece of advice.  If you’re feeling down, don’t call the other people you know that are probably also feeling down. Call the people that lift you up, that make you feel better, bring you joy and happiness.  Those are the people to talk to.  Not the negative ones that will commiserate and will just make you feel even worse.  Make a list of those people too.  Put them on your Do Not Call List.

Call me. I’ll try to make you laugh. I’ll tell you a funny.  I’ll share the good the bad and the ugly like I did the other day in my car.  If you missed it, you can watch it here:  http://www.facebook.com/hayleybfoster – Posted on 4/15.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay sane.

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