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17 Jul

665985I spent this past weekend in the Hamptons with a few girlfriends doing some birthday celebrating (not mine, I’ve already had my day in the spotlight this year).  While summer weekends should be spent licking ice cream cones at Marvel (vanilla with choc crunchies please) and drinking high sugar fruity cocktails, I managed to maintain some semblance of my WTHealthy kick.

This weeks hump day recipe is the WT Watermelon Martini.  Packed with a punch (because I never went to bartending school and tend to have a heavy hand), this concoction is sure to have you bouncing (possibly on a trampoline) on the dance floor till the wee hours of the morn.

*WT Watermelon Martini (Serves 2-4 – depending on how big your Red Solo cup is)
2 – 3 cups of freshly sliced watermelon (feeling lazy? buy the one already cut)
1/2 cup of raspberries (makes it a little tart but totally tasty.  Feel free to add any other kind of berries as well)
1/2 cup of Vodka (maybe start with a 1/4 cup and add as you see fit… the more the merrier)
1 Lime, Juiced
1-2 cups of ice
3 tblsp of Sugar (optional – trying to cut back on my sugar so didn’t add this but you can use it as rim decor.  Plus, Watermelon is already packed with mother natures sugar) Or use Salt as the rim decor.
*Toss it all in a blender and blend.  If you don’t have a blender, you will need to press the watermelon through a cheesecloth(as if those are always laying around) or through a small mesh strainer into a bowl.  Should make about 1-2 cups of juice.

My other suggestions to keep your inner body clean on those supple sandy beaches, is to make sure you pack healthy snacks instead of high salty (dehydrating), high carb(nothing to offer), high processed Crappy Snacks.  (I think I may need to coin this phrase for future use)  My Clean Snacks include:

  • Fresh cut mixed fruit salad – Watermelon, Grapes, Nectarines, Canalope and Pinapple
  • Veggies and homemade Hummus* – Carrots (not the baby ones soaked in Chlorine), Trader Joes Sugar Snap Peas, Celery Sticks and Sliced Cucumber.
  • Blue Diamond Baked Nut Chips – Wheat & Gluten Free.  They are delishhhh.  I can eat a whole bag – sort of defeats the purpose but WTH.

*Hayley’s Hummus (that sounds sexual for some reason)
1 clove of garlic
1 19 oz can of Garbanzo beans (keep half the liquid)
4 tblsp of lemon juice
1 tsp of sea salt
2 tblsp of Olive Oil (divided)
2 tblsp of Tahini (optional)
Black Pepper to taste
–Toss it all in a blender (half the olive oil) and blend until creamy and well mixed.  If you want to make it look pretty, hold a few beans on the side and use on top for garnish with remaining olive oil.


*This blog totally promotes drinking, especially on an empty stomach… while sitting on the beach… in the sun!

WTHealthy Hump Day Recipe

11 Jul

I realize it’s the day after hump day but my hump day sucked.  So here it is the day after.

Today’s recipe:
Lotta Legs Coconut Mango Shrimp over Quinoa served with lightly cooked veggie

Serving size per person:
6 shrimp (45 calories)
1/2 cup cooked quinoa (111 calories)
2 cups of veggies (109 calories/broccoli)
1/2 mango (62 calories)
1 tblsp Coconut oil (120 calories)
(Personal Pref: Add a few sprigs of Cilantro for that clean yummy taste)

I only had time for a quick workout tonight but needed to get in a few extra leg exercises (Lots of hill to conquer at Mt. Snow in exactly 30 days) today so I mixed in my workout while prepping and cooking my dinner.

Buy the frozen shrimp at the supermarket that are already cleaned, deveined and shelled… that means they have no shell on (in case this is confusing to some of you). However you may want to make sure your shrimp are from a good source.  I attached a video to the end of this post which is sure to freak you out about things you eat.

Defrost shrimp under cold running water for 10 min.  I realize this is a waste of water but this is a healthy blog, not an environmental one.  In the spirit of my tree hugging friends, please be sure to recycle, reuse and reduce. :). If you have an hour before you cook, take a whole lemon and squeeze over defrosted shrimp and place in the fridge for an hour.  If you don’t have the hour to let them sit, you can squeeze the lemon over the shrimp while cooking.

Cook one cup of quinoa according to packaging. (Do 3 sets of 10 lunges on each leg while standing at the stove) *FunFact: Quinoa has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition.  This type of complete protein is usually found in meats (so skip the meat and eat this treat instead).  It also offers a good dose of fiber and iron.

Cut up one whole mango.  If you are only cooking for yourself, you should only eat half the mango.  (Do 2 sets of 20 squats between slicing)
*FunFact:   Fresh fruit offers so much more than the natural sugar it contains – including water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients (those naturally-occurring plant compounds that have wide ranging beneficial effects on the body).
I found an amazing sauce that I love which has a ‘B’ rating on the Fooducate App. HH561399-2

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and melt in a frying pan. (10 squats while melting) Toss in the shrimp and turn to coat with oil.  (Do 10 lunges on each side while browning) Flip when slightly brown and do the same on the other side.  *FunFacts: Coconut Oil is a short and medium chain fatty acid which have many health benefits and also help in taking off excessive weight, since they are easily digested and sent right to the liver for instant energy production(increases your metabolism)  You know that extra weight around your midsection??? Coconut oil helps get rid of that.  Coconut Oil has tons of other benefits:  Skin Care, Weight Loss, Immunity, Digestion, Healing and Infections.  

When shrimp are almost done, toss in the mango and squeeze lemon juice over the pan or pour in juice they were marinating in. (10 squats)

Great veggie to eat on the side: Bok Choy, shelled edamame, broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas.  Any can be lightly steamed or very lightly sautéed in half a tablespoon of a high heat oil such as sunflower or grapeseed.  Keep veggies bright green to maintain highest levels of nutrients. Lightly salt and pepper.  I don’t add salt unless its sea salt – Himalayan from Trader Joes is awesome. (10 squats and 10 lunges on each leg while veggies are cooking)  *FunFact: The more nutrient-dense food you consume(aka VEGGIES), the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories, and the less you will crave fat and high-calorie foods. 

Add veggie and shrimp and serve over quinoa. Pour one tablespoon of Mango sauce on top or use on the side for dipping sauce for shrimp.

Prep: 10-15 min
Cooking time: 10-15 min.

Lunges: 50
Squats: 50

Calories Consumed (who cares, you’ve earned it)

Stretch Your Legs and Enjoy.

— WTHayley


Here’s the video I mentioned…. GROSS.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXJSmxi2buc

WT Hungry

4 Dec

Strong is sexy

I’m sorry but I can’t help myself right now.  I’ve never in my life watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and tonight, for shits and giggles, I’ve decided to tune in online (to watch the pre show).  I’m all for a pretty face but I guess as I’ve gotten older, and gained respect for my body and have begun to treat it right, I am looking at this display of models and feeling sick.  At 5’9 (i’m assuming this is the shortest model on the runway tonight), these girls don’t look like they’ve eaten for weeks.  Not one of them, and I’m being honest, has any muscle tone in their arms or legs.  HOW IS THIS ATTRACTIVE?  As one of my guys friends recently put it – “I like meat on my women.  Bone on bone does not feel good”.  (i’m avoiding vulgarity here just to get the point across)

I’ve decided to write this blog as my boycott.  I’m not even planning on turning on the TV to watch the actual show.

While training for the Tough Mudder, I experienced something that I’d like to share with everyone out there that has talked about setting a new goal for themselves.  The mind is a powerful tool.  I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.   I was in decent shape when I started training for the TM.  But I was not a runner or a hiker or someone that liked to give my body unnecessary electrical shocks.  At the end of the day, I wanted to set a goal for myself to do something challenging.  Something that was beyond what I thought I was capable of.  I didn’t care how long it took me to do complete the course, I just wanted to make it to the end without damaging myself… and I did and it felt fucking amazing.  Was it hard?  Hell yes.  I was sore for days.  Had a stomachache for a week(don’t drink the muddy water) but as I crossed the finish line through the last obstacle (Electroshock Therapy is what they called it), I said “I can’t wait to do this again”.  I couldn’t have been more proud of myself and my team for trooping it out and kicking ass.  Should you do it?  My answer would be ABSOLUTELY!!!!  Set your mind to it, and Just Do It(Thanks Nike).  And if you need someone to do it with, call me.  I’d gladly do it again.

Why is it that we wait until December 31st when we’ve had too much to drink and too much food to eat during the holidays to set new goals for ourselves for the new year.  My friend recently started a Facebook group called ‘No New Years Resolutions Ever’.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I’m declaring every day the time to start making changes.  Be healthier, work out more, Be nicer to your spouse, quit smoking, stop cheating, have more sex – whatever it is you are doing (or not doing) that you are planning on stating to yourself or your closest friends when you’ve had too much to drink in a few weeks, SAVE IT. Wake up tomorrow and make the change.  Any day is a good day to be a better person, be healthier, be happier, work harder, spend more time with your family or make a commitment to something or someone you love.

As for the people that want to look like a VS model, I have a new hashtag for you….. #StrongIsTheNewSkinny.

I’m including this poll and ask you ALL to vote.  Occasionally I am wrong, so I’d love your feedback here.  Don’t be shy.


16 May

Yes, I’m premenstrual and it’s got me thinking. (Men, don’t stop reading – consider this your free education session – you might learn something useful).

Is it not bad enough that we have to deal with getting our period every month?Worse than that, is all the crap that comes along with it – bloating, breast tenderness, food cravings, headaches, less tolerance for noises/lights/people, fatigue, feeling sad and hopeless, mood swings, poor judgement, feeling slow/sluggish/lethargic and loss of sex drive.  I’m not sure which of these would be classified as the worst symptoms to endure but depending on who you ask, each woman would give you a different opinion.  What amazes me, is that most men (and some women) have yet to learn how to deal with a woman with PMS. Having a business partner who’s cycle goes to the extreme(thankfully she’s not PMSing as I write this), I thought I’d share some advice with you.

Here’s a short list of the fun stuff women go through every 23-28 days:

Symptom: Bloating
What SHE might say:  I feel so fat!!! or Does my ass look huge in this?
What you should NOT say: You are looking a little puffy or You might want to put on something else.
Possible result: TEARS

Symptom: Breast Tenderness
What SHE might say: My boobs are killing me
What YOU should NOT say:  Want me to massage them?  (the last thing we want you doing when our boobs hurt is touching them)
Possible Result: SMACK in the Face

Symptom:  Headache
What SHE might say: Honey, I have such a headache or I think I have a brain tumor (it recently took me 3 months to realize that every 3-4 weeks my excruciating headache was linked to my period.  Thankfully, I talked myself out of getting an MRI).
What you should NOT say: Oh, that excuse again.
Definite Result: No Sex

Symptom:  Mood Swings
What SHE might say: The list here is endless.  Basically, anything off beat that she doesn’t normally say that includes a heightened level of drama or emotion.
What YOU should say: Anything you can think of that will make her feel better, less emotional and more secure
What you should NOT say: Anything that will get you in the dog house.  You may just want to stand there and smile sweetly like a Mute.  Bringing home flowers might help too.  Wouldn’t kill you men to do that every once in a while.
Possible Result: Death stare or Stabbing

Symptom:  Lack of Sex Drive
What SHE might say: Get the fuck off of me or Go Fuck YOURSELF
What YOU should say: Ok, I will.  (Then leave the room as quickly as possible.  Grab some lotion and a towel on your way out.)
What you should NOT say: I think we should talk about our lack of a sex life, unless you count the weeks you were reading those 50 Shades books. (Sorry, couldn’t possibly have a post without mentioning it.)
Possible Result:  NO SEX EVER AGAIN

A few other tips and tidbits:

— PMS can last anywhere from 5 – 11 days before the cycle begins – fun fun fun.

— If you’re in an office (or prison cell) with more than 5 women, most cycles will sync to the dominant woman in the office.  Shockingly, that’s not me in my office.  The scientific term for this is Menstrual Synchrony or the McClintock Effect.  (I swear, look it up on wiki).

— Don’t try to have difficult conversations or conversations in general that would fall above a 3 on the difficulty scale, especially if you’re hoping to get your way.  Chances are, she will beat you down and come close to stabbing you if you push her too far.  I’ve actually heard (and I don’t have a true source to reference on this so take it with a grain of salt) that you could use PMS as a defense tactic if you hurt or kill someone during your cycle.  Again, conduct your own research before you consider doing anything rash.

—  Don’t ask for sex, unless you want to lose a limb.  If she wants it, she’ll come to you.  I have heard that some women are more aroused once their period begins but every woman is different so try to find out if this is the case with your significant other.   See previous statement about avoiding difficult conversations.

For my female readers, here are a few tips for dealing with your PMS (keep in mind I do my research on google and have no formal medical degree):
— Go on vacation.  Just kidding.  Nobody wants to be in a bathing suit when their monthly friend is in town.
— Drink plenty of fluids (not soda or caffeine) – helps reduce bloating.  Nobody mentioned avoiding alcohol so feel free to drink as much wine as you like.
— Eat frequent small meals, avoid overeating – this mean you can eat chocolate cookies, chocolate bars or anything containing chocolate about every 3 hours throughout the day
— Take Supplements – Vitamin B6, Calcium and Magnesium.  Tryptophan, found in diary can also help.
— Exercise – Endorphins, Endorphins, Endorphins.  They also make you horney. FYI.

One last note to leave you with: (some of it’s funny and some of it’s stupid)

— WTHayley