Getting Drilled

3 May

I’ve just spent my morning getting drilled, injected, poked and having my mouth stuffed with multiple apparatuses.  No, this is not the fourth edition to 50 Shades.  This is the endless torture I have been enduring for the last three months having had two root canals, two new crowns made and a filling replaced.  While my dentist is possibly the nicest man on the planet and not a bad bone in his body, I absolutely despise him.  The torture he’s put me through, all the while making cute little jokes that I can’t laugh at because my mouth is cranked open, his hands are halfway down my throat with an oversized spoon holding my tongue out of the way and I’m upside down with blood rushing to my brain.  It must suck being in a profession that no matter how nice or sweet or funny you are, none of your customers ever want to really see you because they know they are in for a miserable experience.  Sorry Dr. G – get a new gig.

On a lighter note, a few friends and I along with 17,000 people will be heading up to VT tomorrow to ‘spectate’ or possibly set up our own Ab Judging Competition at the New England Tough Mudder.  The latter obviously being much more fun and potentially painless.  Large bellied men that miss the toilet need not apply.  The weekend should be interesting – good weather, athletic people with bruised egos and broken bones and of course lots and lots of parties for Cinco de Mayo – Woohoo.  I hope to have some fun blogging fodder come Monday.. or if you’re lucky, I’ll try blogging and tweeting all weekend.

Stay tuned.  (I most likely wont be sober so please excuse all terseness and typos)

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