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2 Mar


Technology….. It seems like every day there is something new that people are talking about.  Yesterday, it was a new app called VINE.  (Check it out AFTER you read the rest of my blog post).  Vine is a new social media app that gives you :06 of video.  The conversation in my office went like this….

Young Employee: How cool is this new app called Vine but I don’t get it.  What on earth do I need a :06 video clip for.
Me: Well, when I had my first cell phone while most of you were still in diapers, I used to wonder why I would ever text a message as opposed to calling a friend.
Young Emp: Haha.  What did you have, one of those weird flip phones?
Me: Actually, no.  I had one of the first Motorola’s that weighed 15 lbs that you had to walk around with in a large case and single call cost something like $4.99.  And there was only one or two service providers.
Young Emp: That’s cool.  So you’re like an Influencer.
Me: Yeah, I guess you can say that instead of just calling me old.

I remember back in the day sitting in one of those expensive Marketing Seminars that the agency I worked at paid for and the speaker was talking about how one day, we will be watching TV, with a laptop on our laps and a cell phone in our hands and we will be multitasking.  I was thinking at the time, why the hell would anyone need that much technology all in one place.  Flash forward to a week ago while I was watching the Oscars.  I’ve got not only my laptop on my lap doing work and checking out some of the Red Carpet that I missed, but I’ve got my iPad so that I can tweet from my company account and my iPhone so that I can personally tweet.  I can’t imagine what life is going to be like when my kids get a little older.  Will there be no more conversation between people anymore?  Just tweeting and texting and living life as an interactive experience vs. actual physical contact?   Note to self: Future blog about digital dating.  Stay tuned.

I recently heard myself telling someone how well behaved my kids are in restaurants these days because I make sure to bring my iphone, my ipad and my daughters itouch.  I then realized how ridiculous that sounded.  They aren’t well behaved, they are zombies staring at screens.  However, it does keep them quiet and in their seats for most of the meal.  But what happened to the days when families used to gather around the dinner table to share stories about their days and connect with each other?  Have we lost that connection?  Texting or checking emails or tweeting while my kids are around doesn’t set a great example.  In no time, I will be telling them to put their electronics away while at the table so that I can hear about what’s going on in their lives but it should start now.  While placating them with technology while out to dinner certainly keeps me sane as a single mom, it’s setting a terrible example for my kids.   I encourage everyone to disconnect.   Holy Shit – did you know that today is National Unplugged Day?  Oopps.  Starting today, I promise to:
–Make more phone calls and send less texts and emails
–Put it down while my kids are around
–Don’t use technology to avoid live interaction
–Don’t use sexts in place of actual sex (even though it is super fun ;-))

I’m taking a pact to interact.


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