WT Whadda-ya-call-it

4 Apr


I cracked myself up this morning wondering if from here on out, am I going to start talking about my age as if i’m over the hill? (Hell No) When I first wrote this post, I couldn’t help but think “Is it weird that my first post in my 40’s is going to be about the fact that I’m losing my memory (or my mind, not sure which yet)?” Then again, the memory loss could have been due to brain cells that I killed in my week long Birthday tare.

While I consider myself too young to be suffering mild memory loss, I saw a FB post this morning from someone who said ‘I figured that if I stay in the Supermarket long enough, I’ll remember what I came here for’. I had to laugh, especially since I’m pretty sure she’s a few years younger than I am. I do this all the time. Not only do I often find myself running back to the produce section at least two times in one visit, but there are times I find myself returning to the market a second and third time in one day. Other times, I get home and as soon as I’ve put the groceries away, I’m starting a new list of all the things that I forgot to get.

When I tell my 70 year old mother these stories, it makes her feel better that it she’s not the only forgetful one in the family. I told her she’d better watch it or I’ll forget what old age home I check her into – you know I’m kidding momma, I’d make sure to write it down somewhere. (wink wink)

I specifically remember times when my dad would struggle to remember something and he’d say ‘Where’s the whadda-ya-call-it?’ (My mom and brother are totally laughing right now). I did a little research for you that will provide a few tips of salvaging your memory and enhancing your brain function. I also read most of Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer and then I forgot where I put it. I’m kidding. I’m pretty sure the second version of 50 Shades was published while I was in the middle of it and well… you know how that goes.

I did some research and unearthed a few foods that help with cognitive decline, increase focus and enhance clarity:
–Walnuts – high in Alpha Linolenic Acid – promotes blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the brain.  Other nuts that are high in Vitamin E have been known to help cognitive decline (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, flax (buy raw and not roasted/salted or flavored to get the most out of your nuts)
— Salmon and other fatty fish – high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA – have been linked to lower risk of dementia, better focus and improved memory.
— Coffee – (love this one – my excuse to keep on drinking it) – Caffeine has been shown to improve mental acuity keeping you more alert, antioxidants help maintain brain health and some research says it helps with depression in women.
— Berries – Blue/Staw/Acai – Any berries will do.  These are the highest in antioxidants, and when merged with free radicals that are ever present in our bodies, they render them harmless.  Just eat them.  They are good and good for you.  Buy organic – less pesticides.
— Dark Chocolate (another favorite) – filled with incredibly powerful antioxidants and natural stimulants which help produce endorphins, which help improve your mood.  So, while good for your brain(in moderation – no more than 1 oz a day), also good for your libido.  Wow, who knew.  Actually, I knew but I’ve been holding out on you.  Every now and then you’ll see me pop a Dark Chocolate Lindt Truffle into my mouth.

Please keep in mind that eating an entire bag of walnuts before an exam or big presentation isn’t going to suffice.  You need to maintain a healthy diet – 4-6 small meals a day, plenty of greens, fruits and foods that are whole/real and full of nutrients.  Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate.  Having to get up multiple times to go to the bathroom a day helps blood flow too.

The BEST trick I learned from Moonwalking with Einstein:
Name Association – how many times do you meet someone and forget their name?  Most likely, 9 out of 10 – and that’s me being nice.  Next time you meet someone and want to remember their name, repeat it back to them and as you’re saying it (Mary, so nice to meet you), try to associate it with something familiar to you or something funny (Scary Mary is so Hairy).  Or, do they have the same name or one that rhymes with a relative (Nick, he looks like Uncle Dick.  Or Andy reminds me of Sandy who loves to eat Candy)?  You can also link it to a favorite food/state/restaurant/etc. (Melanie/Melon).  Just make sure you don’t say these things out loud or you’ll look like moron, which pretty much defeats the purpose.

I forgot what I was going to end with so…..


(P.S. – I chose the image for this post showing left brain and right brain because I can never remember which one I am – clearly a weird combo of both, but mostly left.  Don’t judge me by my blogging creativity skills.  I might be fun, free and can play the bass clarinet, but I make a mean ass excel chart and my math skills are exeptional.)

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