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16 Jan


It’s 12:20am and I’m torn between writing a post or going to bed so I can get up at 5:30, do an Insanity DVD so I can be done by 6:30 when my girls will wake up and stroll into my room for morning snuggle time before I become the 7:15 drill sergeant barking orders like ‘time to get dressed’, ‘eat your breakfast’, ‘brush your teeth’, ‘pick your snack’, ‘we have to get mommy to the train on time’, etc.  Clearly, the writing has taken precedence.  I am sure to regret it in the morning.


Tonight I attended an amazing event called ‘Making Moms Social’ by Mom Time Events.  An inspiring group of women got up in front of an audience of about 50 Momprenuers that live in town and talked about how to make our businesses more social.  The entire room was engaged and enlightened.  Not just by the speakers but by looking around the room at so many women that are passionate about business and about what they do.


Having just attended the National Retail Federation show at the Javitz for the past four days, I’m in what I refer to as a business high.  Taking time out of the office is never easy for a business owner but being surrounded by like-minded people, learning from my peers and making new contacts refreshes my brain and serves as a reset button.  I listened to some major success stories of start-up companies talking about getting their businesses off the ground and the obstacles they faced.  I wanted to share a few of the highlights that don’t just apply to retail or business but to our day to day lives as well.


Bert Jacobs, the founder of Life is Good  was by far the best speaker at the show.  He engaged the audience like no other.  Aside from his good looks and charisma, he believes in Superpowers – like fun, compassion, autheticity, courage and optimism – all key principles that his company is based upon and he lives by each day.  He’s met people along the way that have problems and have shared their stories with him.  He shared this story with us and I encourage you to view it.

With is success, his company began to get fan mail and he shard a letter that he received from 10 year old twin boys, born weighing only a pound and having to struggle their whole lives. One born blind and the other living with only one leg, they wrote to Bert and shared their story about their love for one another and the connection they feel to his brand.  Bert told us that at his company, he’s incorporated a new philosophy called “GET TO”.  Instead of going about your life saying ‘you have to’ do this or that, think of the people that may have to do their laundry or go shopping with only one leg or with no sight.  So next time you say ‘I have to’ go to the market, maybe you should be saying ‘I get to’ go to the market today and remember that there is someone out there that has it a lot worse off than you”.

Other great takeaways from Bert were:
– Focus on what’s right with the world to overcome what’s wrong with the world.

– Be Optimistic. As a startup, sometimes the bottom will fall out and you’ll be left with a situation that could put you over the edge.  Instead of focusing on the negative, pick it up and keep on going.

– Be Authentic – If you’re not, your customers will see right through you and tear you down. With Socia, your customers are now the co-authors of the stories that build your brand.

– Have Fun – try to blur the line between work and play.  If you can’t have fun and enjoy the ride, people won’t want to work for or with you.

– Be Courageous – pioneer new things and go places that might feel uncomfortable.  Remember when situations get you down or you feel like you have a disaster on your hands, what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger and wiser.  You will make mistakes and you will fail but take the lesson and use it to make your business or yourself better.

At the end of the day, what’s truly important is…. Do what you like and like what you do – it will mean the world to your customers, your staff, your friends and your family.




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