Firm or Limp?

18 Jun

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new?  Reach out your hand and give them a shake, right?  And what goes through your mind when the hand reaching back to you is as flappy and limp as skirt steak?

What does a handshake say about a personality or character?  A lot more than you think it does.

RIGHT                                                                                            WRONG

Men: There is nothing sexy about a man that doesn’t shake a womans hand with a firm grip.  Unless you’re going medieval on us and you’re going to raise it to your lips and kiss it, if you aren’t giving a firm solid shake, you’re are either lacking self confidence, have no dignity or someone’s cut your balls off.  The exception to this rule is if you’re meeting an elderly woman who seems a little frail, go lighter on her but not too light, you don’t want grandma thinking some woman has emasculated you.

What about the man with the handshake that’s a little too harsh?  Is he trying to overcompensate for some other shortcoming?  (Hmmmm) Trying to make you feel beneath him?  Does he even realize he’s giving you his kung fu grip?  Men, I’m curious to hear your answers to this one.  What exactly are you trying to prove when you try to crush a woman’s hand during a shake?

And ladies, it’s the dawn of a new age.  Men aren’t kissing your hand so when you reach out, whether you’re shaking a man or woman’s hand, don’t hand them the tips of your limp little fingers… get in there, grab it, show some strength and be FIRM, make eye contact and don’t hold it for more than a few seconds.   (I’m still referring to the handshake here)  If you are in the business world, even more of a reason – show you’ve got some balls.  G-d didn’t give us a penis to hold, so you’d better be able to hold your own.  (Pun very much intended)

Speaking of ladies holding their own, years ago when I was in the advertising world, I discovered what I still refer to as my Work Bible.  It was a book written by a very funny author named Karen Salmansohn.  The book was titled “How to succeed in business without a Penis”.  If you’re a working woman (and can handle the overuse of the word Penis), no matter what age, do yourself a favor a get this book – you’ll be doing Karen a favor too since I’m not sure how many people are still reading it.  It’s funny, enlightening and educational.  This has been my public service announcement of today.

— WTHayley

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