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WT Headcold

25 Dec

Many of my friends are currently laid up in bed suffering from some type of head cold, flu like symptoms or the misery of a stuffy nose and cough. After I posted comments on Facebook the other day about kicking the crap out of my cold in 24 hours, people have asked for my remedy. While I can’t guarantee it will help you all, I’m posting it for those that will do what it takes to get better as quickly as possible.
These are not in order of importance.
1. Mind over Matter. I’m a big believer that the mind is a powerful tool. I spend the first day of my cold in complete denial that I’m sick. It helps to keep repeating ‘I am not sick’ over and over and over again. Don’t just tell yourself, tell everyone around you. If that doesn’t work, keep reading.
2. Nasal Spray. I grew up in a house where my mother and brother were both addicted to Afrin. There was never a shortage of nose spray in any room you walked into. Why my dad didn’t take stock in this company is beyond me. Opening up the nasal passage is the first step to eliminating that feeling like your head is going to explode. My new fav is Sinex. Two squirts in each nostril and you feel like new.
3. Meds. I am not a fan of drugs. I believe that once you start them, your body gives up the fight because the drugs take over and extends the length of your cold. However, if you feel you must, Advil Cold and Sinus works pretty well.
4. Fluids. This is most important and you may not like what I’m about to say. You need to do ALL of the below.
Morning – EmergenC followed by a Fruit Juice with a boost. Like Naked or some other no sugar added, high in vitamins type of smoothie. Jamba Juice with an immunity boost is highly recommended but if you don’t have access, improvise.
Afternoon – cup of chamomile or black tea with two teaspoons of honey. Followed an hour or so later with a vitamin water zero – there is a flavor that includes Vitamin C.
Nighttime – another cup if tea with 2 teaspoons of honey.
Before bed – one mug full of Tropicana OJ. Here’s the kicker – heat it up in the microwave for 1 min. I know it sounds gross but this is what kicks the cold out. Trust me.
5. Food. The age old saying – feed a cold and starve a fever is true. You don’t have to pig out but high calorie and high vitamin means are key. Even though you can’t taste them, these are a few things you should include in your cold diet: chicken noodle soup with spinach, grilled cheese on whole wheat toast with a slice of tomato, rotisserie chicken – nice and juicy, steamed broccoli with fresh lemon juice. Stay away from dairy – too phlegmy.
6. Rest.

Tips from a friend: Vicks vapor rub under your nose and on your feet. Cover feet with socks after and go to bed.

Good luck and hope you feel better in no time.