22 Aug

As I’m getting closer to 40 (trust me this is not the last you will hear about my impending milestone), I have to say I feel more and more that age is irrelevant.  I don’t feel almost-40 and I don’t think I look almost-40 (no comments on this please – I like living in denial).  Is it that we don’t see ourselves as our age or that because we surround ourselves with our peers, we don’t notice our age as much.  (Then again I work in an office with all 20-somethings but still feel like they are my peers).  Either way, my mentality for the next few months is F-40!!!!!

  • Age is just a number
  • You are only as old as you feel
  • Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are wine or cheese.

Last weekend while getting a trim in Roslyn at Salon Rock (this is a plug by the way), I was getting chatted up by the sweet and sexy Carlos the Columbian(not sure if this is his real name but that’s what I’m calling him to protect the innocent).  During our discussion about my plans for the weekend he asked me in the sweetest way possible ‘How Young Are You?’. Since I’m so quick witted, I responded with I’m 39 years young.  Suffice to say, he loved my retort and so began our intense discussion about age.

He was curious to know ‘how long do you plan on living’?  What?  Something I’ve never pondered before I jumped the gun and quickly said 80, later realizing SHIT, I’m half way there, something Don Juan also pointed out.   He compared my life to that of a motor vehicle stating, ‘if you buy a car and you know you’re going to have it for 20 years, after 10 years, knowing you’ve got 10 more years, how are you going to treat that car’?  Good fucking point.  And I totally agree.  I preach all the time that you need to ‘treat your body well and it will treat you well’.  It’s not every day we consider what our body automatically does for us without any effort.  All it needs is to be loved and cared for (and greased and oiled from time to time) and it will continue to do for you.  Too often we take things for granted  and most often we take our bodies for granted.  We abuse it with sun, bad food, chemicals, alcohol and lots of other crap we don’t even know we are putting into it.  Take a day or two and appreciate what it does for you and do something nice for it.  I didn’t mean to go off on another WTHealthy tangent but hopefully I gave you a little food for thought.

As the b-day gets closer, I’ll be reflecting on all of the amazing things I’ve done thus far in my life and all the things I’m putting on my bucket list for the years to come (promise to share at a later date).   I’m incredibly thankful for all the people that have come into and gone out of my life and for the memories we’ve had along the way.  Whether you’re 30, 40 or 50 we’ve all got one life to live – live happy!

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Experience is the name we give to our mistakes” or Abraham Lincoln – “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”.

In the words of WTH, I’m not turning 40 – I’m 18 with 22 years of experience.  I’m sure I’ve just stolen someone else’s line but…..


2 Responses to “WT40”

  1. Jana McDonough August 22, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    You know me, age means nothing! And believe me when I say, you DON’T look or act your age and that’s a compliment… BTW, love the quotes!

  2. Christopher Moran August 22, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Love your posts Hayley!! Sorry to say, you do look your age…f-in gorgeous! Who cares about numbers anyway? You (we) are soooo much more than that!

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