8 Sep

Philadelphia….. Wow. What a weekend. I will start off by saying how much I truly adored the city and the area we stayed in.  While I won’t judge Philly on the people (since I don’t want to insult a few nameless Philly friends)but based on what showed up at this music festival, I will say that a) I saw some of the ugliest, scariest looking people I’ve ever seen in my life(photos for your entertainment pleasure below), b) people in Philly Music Festivals have the WORSE sense of style EVER and c) I’m horrified that I have two girls and am strongly considering locking them in the house until they are 21. Food.  My favorite was Dandelions – a small, upscale British pub-type feel on 18th and Walnut.   If you ever end up there, please get the fries.  I saw them after I had already eaten and almost offered the table next to me $10 just to try one.  Big phat steak fries, well done with salt crystals and a side of malt vinegar.  Yummy.   Late night dining at Little Pete’s (open 24 hrs on 17th/Chancellor) wasn’t all it was cracked up to be but when you’re as hungry as we were at midnight, there aren’t many options.  Best part about Little Pete’s was the old school cigarette machine in the front entrance.

Music. I will sum up the two day festival of music by saying this:  Pearl Jam ROCKED the house(as usual) with a mix of their ‘best of’ and a few random songs here and there. Run DMC still has it (even without Jam Master Jay).  They gave us all of the old school jams like ‘It’s like that’, ‘Tricky’, ‘My Adidas’, ‘Mary Mary’, ‘Peter Piper’ and ‘Walk This Way’.  I truly felt like I was in High School again.  Jay Z, who I’ve never seen live before, was awesome and brought a few guys up on stage with him to keep it interesting.  I am now a big fan of Gary Clark Jr.  He’s got guitar riffs along the lines of Hendrix and a fantastic stage presence.  Also want to shout out to Jill Scott, Drake and Calvin Harris who mixed it up big time in the Freedom Tent, a.k.a. the Molly tent.  If you don’t know what this is, which my sorry old self didn’t, it’s the new name for Ex. (Scary) Given that the festival was called Made in America, it took me a few hours to figure out why so many people were decked in Red/White/Blue attire.  (I was extremely tired that first day and brain was not functioning all that well).  Speaking of tired, I was truly impressed with myself for being able to fall asleep in the midst of a raucous called MMG and I was very thankful for the VIP status I obtained from Gilt Group.

Here are some of the outfit highlights….. Enjoy.


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